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This is the companion web site to the Netherwood One-Name Study. Its purpose is to provide information on the surname and to make data held by the study available to Netherwood researchers. If you would like to be notified whenever new material is added to the site, see the -limk- Netherwood-L page for further information.

SPELLING. Resource pages are indexed alphabetically by name and can be browsed conveniently. Entries are not exact transcriptions and many spellings have in fact been standardized to aid browsing and searching. Alice, for example, is used in place of early forms such as Alys, Alece or the Latin form Alicia. Where a name is known to have been used in an unconventional spelling, however, that spelling has been retained, i.e. Alyce. In some cases such as census indexes, the conventional spelling appears in brackets beside the recorded one. Such standardization is still in progress, however, and not all names have been treated this way.

SEARCHING. Searching a one-name site can be challenging. "Netherwood" does not make a good search term; because the entire site is about Netherwoods the surname has been largely omitted. When a forename or place name is sufficiently uncommon, searching on it will produce satisfactory results; for many other cases, three kinds of phrase search will be useful:

Exact phrase. Use quotes: "albert walshaw"

Near phrase. Use square brackets: [martha huddersfield] returns three entries from the GRO Death Index for Martha in the Huddersfield Registration District (Martha in 1843, Martha Betty Nutter in 1849, and Martha in 1856).

Broad phrase. Use curly brackets: {martha huddersfield} returns the GRO Death Index entries above as well as census, directory and GRO marriage entries for one or more Marthas in Huddersfield.

Remember that places such as British counties or US states have been abbreviated -- Cambridgeshire will produce no results, but CAM will.

Also helpful are the following wildcards:

  • To find the beginning of a word, use an asterisk:  Walsh* returns Walshaw, Walsher, Walshous.
  • Where spelling is uncertain, use a question mark:  ?atherine returns both Catherine and Katherine.

To return to the search box from any page, choose "HOME" at the top of the page. For complete FreeFind search options, choose "Search Tips" on the search results page.

ABBREVIATIONS AND CONVENTIONS used by the Study are listed separately. The list is available from each resource page by using the abbreviations link at the top of each table.

PLACE NAME CODES are also listed separately and available from resource pages via the place codes link at the top of tables. When searching, remember to enter the codes as search criteria for British counties, US states, etc., rather than spelling them out.

DATES in resource pages are in the format British dates prior to 1752 are New Style where known and are noted "ns"; however, much material comes from transcribed sources which occasionally do not indicate whether dates have been converted. If you are unfamiliar with Old and New Style dates, see for an explanation.

SOURCES are available for virtually all material listed on the site and gladly given upon request.

PUBLICATION POLICY. It is the policy of this Study not to publish data on living persons which is not readily available elsewhere (as in GRO indexes). Any departure from this policy is inadvertent and should be reported to the webmaster for correction.

COPYRIGHT. Images, indexes and written material not otherwise noted are the copyright of Judith Werner. Permission to reproduce a portion of it may be granted; please inquire giving details of your proposed use.

CONTRIBUTING INFORMATION. The Study welcomes contributions of photos, stories, data , etc. for the web site. Please contact the webmaster below for more information. If you would be interested in undertaking a project for the Study such as extracting Netherwoods from parish registers or other sources, your contribution would be most welcome and will be acknowledged on the web site.

CONTACT the webmaster at if you have questions, suggestions or comments on the web site. Should you notice any errors, no matter how trivial, it would be appreciated if you would report them as well as any broken links, peculiar characters, weird colors or other display problems. Hopefully, I'll know how to fix them :-).

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