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  Family of C. W. Netherwood of New Jersey, early 1900's

Family of Charles William Netherwood of New Jersey on a trip to Pennsylvania, early 1900's. Left to right, back row: Charles William, born 1848 in Fartown, Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England; his sons-in-law Amos Wilson and William Werner; middle row, sister-in-law Jennie Netherwood, widow of his older brother Abraham; and Abbie F. (Whaley) Netherwood, his wife; bottom row, their daughters Gertrude ('Tean'), wife of Amos Wilson, and Bertha Eleanor, wife of William Werner.

Charles William, always known as William, was the son of William and Sarah (Quarmby) Netherwood. He came to the USA in 1852, aged four, with his mother and other family members on the sailing ship Universe. They settled in Westerly, Rhode Island, where his father was already employed as a slubber in the woolen mills. William and Abbie moved to New Jersey sometime after their marriage in 1874.


  C. W. Netherwood feeding the chickens

Feeding the chickens, Port Monmouth,
NJ, c. 1930.

  Bertha Eleanor (Netherwood) Werner

Bertha Eleanor (Netherwood) Werner, daughter of
Charles William, on the christening of one of her three sons.

-Judith Werner

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